In scathing draft of letter certainly not made public, Trump chided James Comey for ‘erratic,’ ‘self-indulgent’ conduct

in fact, the 4-page letter was not ever even despatched to Comey because White condo attorneys promptly determined it’s going to under no circumstances see the “gentle of day,” special suggestions Robert Mueller later recounted.

Mueller reviewed the may additionally 2017 letter as part of his large-ranging investigation and outlined ingredients of it in his remaining record, however the letter has remained mostly hidden from the public practically 4 years later.

Now, a source linked to Mueller’s probe has relayed the contents of the letter to ABC news, which — peculiarly in gentle of recent events — present a telling examine how Trump viewed the then-leader of the nation’s excellent legislation enforcement agency.

“Your conduct has grown unpredictable and even erratic – together with rambling and self-indulgent public performances that have baffled experts, residents and legislation enforcement experts alike – making it unattainable that you can with no trouble lead this agency,” Trump wrote to Comey.

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The letter then chastised Comey for “spen[ding] too a good deal time cultivating a public photo, and never enough time getting your own condo so as.”

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